Lone Worker Alarms, Panic Alarms, Deaf Fire Alarms Page 11.
Contact MDH Wireless Technologies on 01280 845530           email info@mdh-uk.co.uk Pocket 'Pager'  and Text Message   Autodialler to Landline or Mobile Phone option Details The contractorSentry system is designed to help protect contractors and service personnel when they are working outside, in many different locations.   It provides a means of raising an alarm either to a colleague or another person in the vicinity, or by using an autodialler, to another person with a mobile phone.  The contractorSentry system comprises of one or more transmitters, carried or worn by the contractor(s) which when activated, send an alarm signal back to the portable receiver unit. The signal is then in turn transmitted out to pagers, or mobile phone using the autodialler.   The Lone worker transmitter can be carried in a pocket, or worn in the carrying pouch (supplied). It features buttons, which allow a worker to call for help, and it also features a tilt switch, which automatically triggers an alarm should the worker collapse, or be injured.   The portable receiver unit is a small carry case.   Using a lead/acid battery, allows many rechargings of the battery itself, and also allows it to be ‘topped up’ each night, by simply plugging in the mains plug into a mains supply. Portable Wireless Personal Security System To automatically or manually summon assistance at ‘in the field’ emergency situations.   Helping you to meet your employer Health and Safety obligations for your staff. Accountants Civil Servants Colleges Commercial Premises Factories Fork Lift Truck Drivers GP Surgeries Hospitals Job Centres Leisure Centres Lone Workers Public Buildings Receptionists Schools Solicitors Swimming Pools Universities Warehouses Portable Lone Worker Alarm contractorSentry MDH Wireless Technologies Lone Worker Alarms    Panic Alarms        Pool Alarms Leisure Centre Alarms    Deaf Fire Alarms Heavy Duty Battery   Mains Charger   Siren and Flashing Light Available