Lone Worker Alarms, Panic Alarms, Deaf Fire Alarms Page 13.
Contact MDH Wireless Technologies on 01280 845530           email info@mdh-uk.co.uk Battery Operated   Licence Exempt   Up to 250 metre Range Details  This door alarm system will give you the confidence that security personnel can respond quickly when a door with this system is opened.   When the door contacts are separated, by the door opening, the transmitter sends a pre-set location code or text identity message to the pocket  "pager" up to 250 metres away, subject to local topography.   The "pager" will respond by bleeping or vibrating, alerting you that the door alarm has been activated while displaying the identity number or location of the alarm unit activated.     To achieve maximum range, the aerial on the top must be free from any metal object that will reduce the range to the pagers.   You can have numerous dedicated "pagers" to react to the same alert, so many people can respond to a signal.   Additional equipment such as passive infrared motion detectors, (PIRs), can be added to the system at a later date to expand on the safety and security of your site. Wireless Door Alarm System To notify you and your staff when a door has been opened. Helping you to meet your employer Health and Safety obligations for your staff. Accountants Civil Servants Colleges Commercial Premises Factories Fork Lift Truck Drivers GP Surgeries Hospitals Job Centres Leisure Centres Lone Workers Public Buildings Receptionists Schools Solicitors Swimming Pools Universities Warehouses Door Alarm       doorSentry MDH Wireless Technologies Lone Worker Alarms    Panic Alarms        Pool Alarms Leisure Centre Alarms    Deaf Fire Alarms Pocket 'Pager'   Text Message Identity   No Contract Needed   Licence Exempt