Lone Worker Alarms, Panic Alarms, Deaf Fire Alarms Page 12.
Contact MDH Wireless Technologies on 01280 845530           email info@mdh-uk.co.uk Battery Operated   Licence Exempt   Up to 250 metre Range Details  This elegant solution enables people to continue working, in the locality, confident that callers will not be missed.   There is almost no limit to the number of PIR's or “pagers”  that can be added to the system, as and when you require, each having their own pre-set message such as “ Stable” or “Main Gate”.   The passive box is designed to attach to a wooden post or brickwork using the fixing brackets supplied. The sensor ‘looks’ across or down a driveway at a height of one metre, to detect motion.   To avoid being activated by pets or other small animals a "pet alley" option can be utilised, please mention this when purchasing and the adjustment will be made.   The dedicated “pager” will respond by either bleeping or vibrating, to alert you that the gate alarm has been activated. The identity number of the alarm unit is shown on the “pager” display.   You can have numerous transmitters working to one or more “pagers”, so many entrances and outside buildings can be covered in this way. Wireless Gate Alarm System To notify you and your staff when a gate has been approached. Helping you to meet your employer Health and Safety obligations for your staff. Accountants Civil Servants Colleges Commercial Premises Factories Fork Lift Truck Drivers GP Surgeries Hospitals Job Centres Leisure Centres Lone Workers Public Buildings Receptionists Schools Solicitors Swimming Pools Universities Warehouses Gate Alarm       gateSentry MDH Wireless Technologies Lone Worker Alarms    Panic Alarms        Pool Alarms Leisure Centre Alarms    Deaf Fire Alarms Optional Air-Hose for Vehicle Detection   Pocket 'Pager'   Text Message