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Contact MDH Wireless Technologies on 01280 845530           email info@mdh-uk.co.uk Easily Added to Existing deafSentry System   Vibrating Pager sets Off Vibrating Pillow Pad and Light Details The niteSentry system is designed to help protect the deaf and hard of hearing when they are sleeping in hotels, halls of residence, and other such establishments.   It provides a means of raising an alarm by means of a vibrating pillow pad and also flashing light. The pager is docked in the niteSentry cradle, before going to bed and the pillow pad placed under the pillow.   When an alarm is received by the pager, the vibration is detected in the docking cradle, which in turn causes the pillow pad to vibrate, & a light to flash intermittently, thereby alerting the sleeping person.   This equipment broadens the effectiveness of an existing deafSentry system, allowing providers of accommodation to alert their guests both during the day within and around the building and at night.   The unit consists of the docking cradle, with integrated light, and the pillow pad, and a plug in mains transformer. It must be used in conjunction with the host deafSentry system.   By using the alarm clock function on the pager, the alarm can be set to vibrate at a pre-determined time. Night time Deaf Fire Alarm System For the deaf and hard of hearing, when sleeping at night. To help you meet your DDA obligations. Ideal for hotels and Halls of Residence. Accountants Civil Servants Colleges Commercial Premises Factories Fork Lift Truck Drivers GP Surgeries Hospitals Job Centres Leisure Centres Lone Workers Public Buildings Receptionists Schools Solicitors Swimming Pools Universities Warehouses Deaf Sleep Alarm   niteSentry  MDH Wireless Technologies Lone Worker Alarms    Panic Alarms        Pool Alarms Leisure Centre Alarms    Deaf Fire Alarms Can be used as an Alarm Clock Peace of mind for guests and residents of hotels and buildings